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Our Purpose

antThe Wild Neighbors Database Project is a nonprofit organization which promotes international wildlife rehabilitation by developing online data management software and helping implement its use worldwide to gather and exchange wildlife data. Through the continuing development of data management software, including Wildlife Rehabilitation md, we are enabling wildlife rehabilitators to share their experiences and expertise, so that together we can continue to improve our best practices.

foxA wealth of information and knowledge in the wildlife rehabilitation community—both wildlife care data and “institutional memory”—is at risk of being lost. The Wild Neighbors Database Project’s purpose is to provide effective and accessible tools that can be used by any wildlife rehabilitation institution to document, archive and share knowledge. Ultimately, the result is to save more lives.

Our Projects

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD

Wildlife Rehabilitation md (WRMD)

Wildlife Rehabilitation md is a free on-line medical database designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators to collect, manage and analyze data for their patients. Wildlife Rehabilitation md is the result of years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation combined with website application design and development. When Wildlife Rehabilitation md was conceived, it was clear that the database needed to easily store and manage large volumes of data without being overwhelming to wildlife rehabilitators. We wanted a database that allowed for quick data entry and excellent data mining.

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Our Team

Meet some of the talented and dedicated people who are working to develop and deliver our projects to you.salamander

  • devin dombrowski

    devin dombrowski

    president/lead developer
  • rachel avilla

    rachel avilla

  • matt lyon

    matt lyon

  • trish orlowski

    trish orlowski

  • anthony riberi

    anthony riberi

  • eugénie riberi

    eugénie riberi


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By donating to The Wild Neighbors Database Project, your gift will be used to help wildlife rehabilitators across the globe care for tens of thousands of wild animals they treat each year. Your donation is critically needed and no amount is too small. The work we do is driven by the needs of the wildlife rehabilitation community and enriched by the ideas of rehabilitators in the field. Please give now to The Wild Neighbors Database Project.

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